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"Family owned"

The Hickory Cabins is a family-owned business located 2 miles from Mammoth Cave National Park. Our rental cabins sit on a secluded lot in the middle of our 80+ acres. The mostly wooded land has been in our family for over 4 generations and is filled with natural beauty. It is a regular occurrence for deer to run and play in the fields and for squirrels to climb up and down the hickory trees that overlook the cabins.

Behind our name, an excerpt from “Mammoth Cave Forgotten Stories of Its People” by Norman Warnell, Copyright 1997, pages 91-92.

“About a mile and a half south-east of Stockholm on the Mammoth Cave Road, now within the National Park, stood one of the ancient landmarks of Edmonson County, known as the “Hickory Cabin”. It was constructed of hickory logs (not hewed) with the bark peeled off, and was built near a fine spring which furnished water to all the travelers passing along Mammoth Cave Road. Local tradition places its construction about the year 1826.”

In the tradition of the original “Hickory Cabin”, we would like to extend a welcome to those who visit us.  We have enjoyed the peace, quiet, and beauty that our property has given us.  As we continue to make great memories here we hope you can come and add to those.  Our hope is that you can leave with a smile and some great memories of your own.